All About Appearance


My Photography investigation centres on the reliance of my generation on social media and screen time. It begins by looking at an individual, devoid of emotion in a series of portraiture studies. This develops into the beginning of a text conversation where comments are made that are negative and focus on appearance of the person. The person is also seen looking at a screen, making comparisons of their own physique to that of an online influencer.

The development of the idea continues with the use of light painting to show the reliance of media and the way it consumes everyday life. This is further enhanced with the addition of the symbols to represent Facebook, Instagram and snapchat, key applications that encourage individuals to post online, engage with negative stereotypes and to be consumed with ideals about the ‘perfect image’.

The submission concludes with a series of collage designs that seek to change the individual's real appearance. The eyes, nose and shapes of the face have had images from magazines and online influencers superimposed overtop. The return to social media at the end of the submission reinforces the idea that not only is online content fictional but also that us, as consumers, change how the world views us in order to fit in.

Category: Photography

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