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For my Q Award entry this year, I have provided posters that illustrate my subject the best. Martial arts has always been my obsession, especially the Chinese Karate branch of it. When thinking about martial arts, the first words that come to mind are Attack and Defense. This is true, but in reality, martial arts is so much more than those two words. A true martial artist has balance, patience, respect, and commitment which can all be summed up in two words, INNER PEACE. Shifu Blog is a brand that promotes some of the best karate movies/TV shows. Giving each design a breath of fresh air was one of my objectives. This indicates that I intended to use various shapes and forms in each design, allowing for individual recognition for each. Not only did I want to use various shapes and forms, but these designs also required handmade artwork. Many of these designs were created physically even if the majority were created digitally. I'm incredibly pleased with the designs I've created this year. Every time I look at the designs I've made, I feel at ease and relaxed. Not only do I feel at ease when I look at them, but each time I design something new, knowing that it was about my passion allowed me to relax and stay on task. I am aware that this is the best I can accomplish, and I am very proud of that. I give everything I do my best effort, and I can now say that I have performed to the best of my current skill level.

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