are you shore: Coasters


As part of my design work for the organisation Are You Shore, I have created these coasters which are a way of spreading awearness and informing people about the declining health of our coastal ecosystem. The coasters are not only visually appealing but are also a great conversation starter which get people talking about the topic and sharing their thoughts. The coasters were designed in Adobe Illustrator and then were transferred to the software Aspire. Aspire is used to program the CNC machine (computer numerical control machine) before completing the run. Once I had finished programming all of the different tool paths and setting the speeds and depth I could then complete the CNC run. After doing this I filled the pockets with epoxy resin that I had tinted by mixing up different colours of paint to match my design colour pallet. After spending many hours completing this process I could sand away the excess epoxy to reveal the final product. The last step that I needed to complete was varnishing them. For this I decided to use extra virgin olive oil as it is a natural product and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Category: Architectural & Product

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