are you shore


Growing up in the beautiful sunny Bay of Plenty I have basically lived at the beach. We are lucky to have access to these lovely clean beaches that sometimes we take for granted. New Zealand is surrounded by coastline and we rely hugely on it in terms of tourism and our economy. It is for this reason that we need to look after our beaches, and it all starts with the sand dunes. Coastal sand dunes provide natural protection against tidal inundation, sever weather and much more. The dunes help to prevent and reduce coastal flooding and structual damage. The dunes also act at a filter for the coastal waters so it is vital that we keep them healthy so we can enjoy swimming in clean water. The ultimate goal of ‘are you shore’ is to educate and inform the people that visit the beach and all of the people that live around Mt Maunganui, about what they can do to improve and prolong the life of our coasts.

‘are you shore’ will advertise to the general public mostly around the Mt Maunganui area, as this is close to the beach where it is relavent. The appearence of ‘are you shore’ is very simple but bold. This provides a means of conveying valuable, thought-provoking brand messaging in an aesthetically straightforward manner, without any extraneous material.

Category: Graphic

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