‘Atelophobia’ is a silent film that tells the story of Mia, a passionate and perfection-driven drummer. When she secures a position in a drumming competition that falls short of the coveted first place, Mia decides to step away from drums. In search of excellence, she immerses herself in various extracurricular pursuits, hoping to find perfection in a different activity.

I crafted this film specifically for the International Youth Silent Film Festival, drawing inspiration from my personal struggle and frustration with the pursuit of perfection in my hobbies. The filming process spanned several weeks, taking us to diverse locations. Despite the challenges of transportation, it turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Working with my actor, Ashana, in different environments and activities was brilliant, observing how her character blended into each setting. Filming in these different locations also involved the meticulous process of assembling and disassembling all the filming equipment and thinking composition-wise about ways to utilise the area.

Post-production was one of the highlights of this project. I loved colour grading and watching a once-saturated shot pop with colour after tweaking the temperature and messing around with the HSL secondary. Syncing the footage with the soundtrack was also super satisfying; it was like baking a cake and finally getting to ice it.

Category: Moving Image

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