Bikini Buns


Bikini Buns is a food truck that is all about bringing people together. Since COVID 19, going out to eat has become more and more scarce and the world is moving towards the way of uber eats and fast food delivery. This became apparent to me when I went downtown Mount Maunganui during prime lunch time on a Saturday afternoon. What had once been a hotspot for socialising and eating with friends had now become a ghost town.

To combat this Bikini Buns promotes going out to eat with friends by promoting special deals, phrases and hashtags such as “Better With Friends” which encourages the consumer to eat the meal with someone. Also the truck is constantly moving locations. And with each new location there are new menu items that relate to the location whether it be the name or new ingredients. This will increase interest and add an element of excitement, adventure and mystery.

The brand aims to target young adults, 16-25 year olds, living in a world submersed in social media and ordering food online. Access and engagement is a key component and influence to this demographic and utilising this will be key for the brand’s success. Therefore this is why I have chosen a number of my outcomes on a digital media platform. The use of instagram hashtags combined with vintage style illustrations – which are both ‘on trend’ – will engage and interest my target audience. The challenge in my branding will be to convince an audience that traditionally would not go out to eat, to make a conscious decision to not only eat-out but to also socialise while doing so.

Category: Graphic

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