Chleo, Chloris and the rain


“Chleo, Chloris and the rain” is a children's book based around the rain, how Chleo hates it, but then changes his mind after being shown a different/optimistic perspective from Chloris. This book is for children of any gender from ages 3-10. This book is meant to show others that everything can be beautiful depending on the way you look at it.   

Story line:

Cleo hated the rain. It made the ground muddy, it made his shoes wet and his clothes soggy. It got into his eyes and messed up his hair. Everyday cleo gets ready to walk to work, prepared to return home cold and drenched. Cleo hated the rain. Why wouldn't it go away? Why did it have to hang around, annoy him? 

*new character enters frame*

Hands Cleo an umbrella – things start to brighten as they start to explain why rain is really fantastic

Rain is beautiful! The rain sings you lullabies, it falls from pretty clouds, and makes puddles to splash in! But most importantly, without rain there would be no plants, no rainbows, no flowers, no me! Walk in the rain, don't just get wet. Love the rain, don't hate it. 

My biggest passion in art is design and illustration, and so with making this board it carried a lot of what I love and who I am. I love fun illustration that speaks to you. And so when making this I made sure to make every aspect recognisable and almost abstract, not so much realistic but colourful and with much detail. if you look closely I have packed in as much icons to do with the weather as possible, and have used colours that emulate fun and curiosity. It was important to me that this board did not translate so much dull themes but rather a breathe of fresh air that children would look at and know what is going on, & know what the story is without reading it. The shape of Chleo’s hair is meant to look like a cloud, as it is hanging over his head, he is grumpy and also appears to be it. Chloris’s name is actually from the iconic painting “primavera” where there is a goddess of spring and growth name Chloris. I have used the icon of a raindrop in as many ways as I can, if you look closely you could actually spot one in every design. Using colour and shape I tried to channel Chleo’s negative, grumpy sad feel while Chloris’s I kept bright, light and funky – as they are so positive and happy. I love how illustration and design is a language – most of all to children.

Category: Graphic

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