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I have designed this catamaran with a focus on sustainable energy as well as to incorporate some less common technology. The yacht is completely electric, it is charged using 180 square metres of solar panels on the roof of the superstructure. The yacht is propelled by a new type of sail called a Wingsail, invented in the 1990’s. The sail measures 30 metres tall and has 300 square metres of sail area.

I have taken inspiration from the 34th America's Cup sailboats, the AC 50 class. These race yachts used hydrofoil technology to gain incredible speeds of up to 90 km/h. I have also developed a hydrofoil system for my design which, once past a certain speed can lift the yacht up to 2 metres above the water. This reduction in drag allows my design to reach speeds past 90 km/h. (50 kts).

The hull and superstructure is a carbon fibre and fibreglass blend to get the right ratio of weight to strength that is needed to be able to foil. The mast is also carbon fibre and the sail is UHMWPE fabric. The yacht measures 40 metres long and 18 metres wide and from Masthead to foils it is 44 metres tall.

The sail and foils are all automatically computer controlled meaning that very few crew members are needed to operate the yacht. Each system is push button operated right from the helm. A 360 degree Lidar is used to detect other ships and a computer system informs the crew if a collision will happen based on the speed and direction of the other ships.

This information is explored more in depth on my work.
The exterior is complete but I am going to design the interior in detail in class next year.

Category: Architectural & Product

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