Drifted Mind


The title for our film is Drifted Mind, as the protagonist struggles with mental health issues.

Logline – A young surfer experiences hallucinations in the ocean surrounding the death of their best friend, unaware of the dangers they faced inside their consciousness and their mind plays twisted tricks.

For the film competition we are entering, Someday Project, we would like to spread awareness on mental health issues as it fits the brief. Specifically, the repercussions of grief to extreme extents (like hallucinations). Therefore, our central theme is grief and relationships. The tone of the film will change quite frequently. In the beginning of the film, the tone will be happy. This is where the main character, Daria, is going for a lovely surf at the Mount. We will have a series of long shots showing the beauty of the landscape. However, the tone dramatically changes to an ominous tone and in the end it finishes quite depressingly.

Our main character Daria, is an adventurous young spirit, who loves to surf and visit the beach. She has a special connection with the ocean as she met her best friend Lilith there and they would go to the beach together every day, rain or shine. Daria, will develop from a happy carefree teenager into distraught and traumatised due to the grief she suffered.

Category: Moving Image

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