This is my L2 art painting work. My theme of painting is Ego and I wanted to show the existential philosophy through my art work. My artist model is László Moholy-Nagy, Wassily Kandinsky for constructivism, René Magritte for surrealism, Nigel Brown for frame with sentences.
I used acrylic paints, the f irst and second work are made by pencils and the seventh work is printmaking. On the second painting which is on the second board, I used digital drawing for the background with Adobe Illustrator. In the third to fifth painting, I used some quotes from Demian, a novel by Hermann Hesse. ‘The bird fights its way out of the egg’ ‘The egg is the world’ ‘ Whoever will be born must destroy a world.’ At the eighth painting, I analysed ‘Existence precedes essence’ which is an important sentence in existentialism using László Moholy-Nagy’s layout style.
When you look at my art works, you can notice that some objects appear again and again, which shows there is narrative in my paintings. It looks narrative. Firstly, an apple means an Ego. Secondly, there is one main character who looks anxious. This man is losing his ego and overwhelmed by chaos. Third, the compass is the will to take back an Ego and it always points to the ego. Fourth, the sign post means choice. Fifth, books means knowledge. The colours I used are all warm, garish and soft. These colours produce cynical, calm and modern moods. In addition, I used some strong colours on an apple and a man, or some shapes to give some attention and make it not too boring.

Category: Graphic

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