Equinox Video Game


The story is set in the Japanese Sci-fi/dystopian setting, and is inspired by a combination of the video game ‘The Last of Us’ and the film ‘How to train your Dragon’. The Gameplay follows the main character Remi during her expedition in the Fukushima Prefecture. As she navigates and fights her way through 'the infected’ beings, the player will be forced to make decisions which will alter the direction of the game. Such decisions could result in Remi’s death, leave her with new acquaintances or create new, volatile enemies. The primary objective of the game is to survive the prefecture and make it out with the equipment necessary for the commission.

However, depending on the player's decisions, the game has the potential to vastly change into a journey about Remi combatting her town's prejudice towards the infected (with the goal of developing a cure).

Main Storyline
Equinox takes place in the year 2042, 28 years after the SEI organization’s failure to cultivate an antidote for the spore-based pandemic which has spread across Japan. The outbreak resulted in the destruction of various cities, and the creation of human quarantine zones to prevent the spread towards the general populace. Those infected became known as “Dragons”, due to the nature of the spores' ability to morph humanoid figures into lizard/dragon-like carnivores. Present day, these quarantine zones have been rebuilt with strong cultural representation (traditional Japanese architecture and practices) to honor their history and boost morale. Weapons dealer, 18 year old Remi Shinohara, is one of those confined to these quarantine zones in Yokohama, and uses her immunity to the spores to gather infected equipment for her experimental machinery. One day she receives an exceptionally well paid commission from Bandai, a dilapidated town rehashed into a terrorist thoroughfare located in Fukushima Prefecture, which asks her to go deeper into infected zones than she’d ever risked before, to kill and deliver a Dragon. She foolishly accepts based on the price, and winds up well out of her depth: trapped deep under the city, with the only thing there to help her being the Dragon she would need to kill.

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