Exposure- Sun Safety


Due to New Zealand having one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, Exposure was created out of necessity- a sustainable sunblock brand, which promotes sun safety to youth. With over 4000 people being diagnosed with melanoma in New Zealand each year, our goal is to help prevent sun damage in the first place, without being at the expense of the Earth.

Coral Bleaching has become one of the biggest threats to reefs and marine life, which is perpetrated by harmful chemicals used in sunscreens. To prevent this, Exposure is made sustainably using only reef friendly chemicals such as Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide. Everything is designed in New Zealand and will be made in New Zealand.

I have designed Exposure to be bold, funky, youthful and eye catching. I was inspired by contemporary Bauhaus designs. By making the product/brand more appealing toward teens and young adults we are able to better promote the use of daily “sun protection factor” (spf) and general sun safety to newer generations. By doing this we are aiming to significantly reduce New Zealand's melanoma rate and help prevent kiwi’s from getting skin cancer to begin with. All my designs contain iconography that reflect the brands values, such as coral, the sun and the ocean. I chose to include colours that represents summer or the beach.

To create and promote my brand I have designed: A LOGO, label/packaging, posters, brochures and a tote bag.

Category: Graphic

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