Figure: The Art of Curves


Throughout history, women have been repeatedly told how they should dress and look. Even though different body shapes and sizes have trended through different times and cultures, the fact that women have constantly been pressured to fit into the beauty standards remains the same. Because of those standards, many women face insecurities about their body. The male gaze has dominated art for thousands of years, only now are female artists providing art with a new perspective and getting the recognition they deserve.

Figure: The Art of Curves is an art gallery centred towards women. The gallery focuses on the insecurities women might have like hip dips, body rolls, and stretchmarks. The purpose of Figure is to create a positive and comfortable environment for women and also bring attention to artists that need recognition. Figure allows women to share their art through the female perspective, where the beauty standards are challenged with beautiful and meaningful art.

My vision for Figure was clear, I wanted people to be drawn to my work, with something more unique. Most advertising today consists of more simple and professional looking design choices. I wanted Figure to be different and be more visually appealing for people who like art as it is a gallery. I did some research into art styles and was quickly drawn in by 70’s posters, style and colour palettes. I still wanted to incorporate art techniques so I used brush strokes, swirled paint, and drips to show the arty side. I blended this with groovy 70’s styled text fonts and background patterns.

Category: Graphic

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