This is my 2D animation ‘Forgotten’. I used Procreate for making animation and used Premiere pro for video editing. It is about a young man who is taking his first step into real society. This man is feeling empty from social irregularities and repeating daily routines. And one day at the front of an art shop, he recalls his childhood forgotten dream which he gave up. When he arrives home from work, he starts to draw some pictures that he usually drew in childhood in a long time. After that, he wakes at the strange space where he usually played with friends when he was young. In that space, he meets characters that he made in childhood.
In my animation, you can see achromatic colours without his dream because I wanted to show his empty feelings.
The reason for the different style of illustration compared with reality and dream is that I wanted to put a heavy mood on his dream and to make a gap between the dream and reality.
This animation is not a happy ending such as the man restarting to accomplish his childhood dream because real life is not a fantasy. Freedom of choice takes various risks and the result of choice is self responsibility. For this reason, people can not always do what they want so in these situations, I think we need to face up to reality and search what we can do for a better situation. Conclusionally, the man chose to cherish his dream.

Category: Moving Image

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