This is part of my graphic design and promotion (GDP) NCEA board. We were given a choice between creating a brand or creating a graphic novel, I chose to go for the graphic novel to express my ideas. The basis of my board is about this character who gets placed into a fighter style game and they have to fight each other to win. With this idea I created things like, what the character would look like, what the title page would show and some pages of the graphic novel. The character is based on areas of Hungarian culture with references to the symbols, patterns and designs. As someone who is not a part of this culture I had to do some research to find a way that would be respectful. In my research I found that in Hungary they celebrate this holiday called Busójárás ( a pagen holiday) in which certain people dress up as this masked creature called Buso to ward off the winter. The graphic novel is called graticule because in the game the floor is a huge grid and graticule is a network of lines representing meridians and parallels, on which a map or plan can be represented. a network of lines representing parallels, on which a map or plan can be represented. On our boards we must show our planning/concepts and develop those plans into final, finished pieces of work. On my third and final board I got to choose what I would like to create there. I decided with my on-going theme of the game that I would show my ideas further in creating parts of a video game. I developed things such as UI (user-interface) which include character selection, home screen/ main menu and the defeat and victory screen.

Category: Graphic

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