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The idea of heart & soul was founded by my desire to serve and give to people in need. I believe I have a strong calling to missions, and so this has become my project of combining the things I love such as design and creating stuff, and my desire to help people. From this, I have come up with the organisation heart & soul. A shop based setting where I get to create things for people to purchase and enjoy, but behind all that those customers are giving into an even greater cause, the effect of missions. The goal is that the profit funds generated will then go towards outreach missions trips to all nations over the world, where I can take teams of people to serve and save lives.

heart & soul isn’t just a shop, it’s a branding, an organisation and a reviving and life-giving opportunity. It gives people an opportunity to get insight into the different lifestyles that other people in a similar stage to them may have. I have created a logo with the hope that it will become recognised for the impact it’s having on people more than the funds it’s creating or what’s being sold.

For me, heart & soul is a way of connecting people. I love the way that the ampersand physically connects the two words together in my design, it was intended to be a symbol of bringing people together and building community. A community between us as fortunate people and those who are in need of our help.

So, these designs, show my heart behind it all, through the simplicity of my work I hope to create a desire to “sow in more that you receive”.

Category: Graphic

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