HER is a film showing the universal (often teenage) experience of losing your sense of self when you become obsessed with the idea of another person and want to emulate them. Often you may only see one side of a person but then equate that to representing who they are, but really we learn Ruby, is not the cool IT girl she is perceived as, and the people we idolize often are just human and are as flawed as us and we just put them on a pedestal. So as our protagonist learns to undo the facade she has created in order to fit in, she accepts who she is and exits this “black and white” fantasy she was living in and steps into her truth.

I like how the story can be interpreted differently as you discover the characters motives more, in the beginning the audience may believe that this is a portrayal of one-sided love but really the audience learns this film is about the discovery of ones own identity in a world where we especially as teenage women are pressured to dress and be a certain way and fit into these archetypes.

It’s always been a priority to keep my film-making team to a minimum, a small circle of creators. This year it was myself and my two actor friends who wrote the concept for this film together, and I shot and edited it. It was such an enjoyable process and I hope you enjoy the final product and the message we are trying to share 🙂

Category: Moving Image

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