Humans vs Devices


I want the viewer to think about how humans have evolved to a point where almost everyone in the new generation is all about devices. In my experience, I’ve see parents trying to distract their children with devices, young teens talking about the latest phone that has just come out, and even elderly finding entertainment in a device. I agree that in our time technology has advanced so much, we can do almost anything online, and it is so helpful. However, I am scared that in the future, these addictive screens will take over and harm us. Staring at screens for too long could damage our eyes, and the constant scrolling on social media could affect our mental health and create many insecurities.

The first stage of the device taking over is addiction. People constantly on their devices with no break. The next stage is the side effects of the constant usage of devices. The next stage is being trapped in the device and regretting their choices of being so addicted.

The device is like a drug.

Category: Photography

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