Illustration Design 2022 portfolio: Leon


Graphic novel brief/blurb:
Leon is an action/adventure graphic novel aimed towards teens to young adults and isn't aimed towards any gender in particular. The graphic novel is set in a dystopian retro-futuristic city and follows a young intellectual by the name of Leon as he seeks to discover his purpose in an overcrowded yet lonely city. Struggling to make a living selling his seemingly useless gadgets from his street-side shop, he one day fabricates a breakthrough invention that suddenly draws unexpected and unwanted ‘outside’ attention towards him. Leon is thrusted into a spiral of madness and mayhem hidden within the very walls of the city.

Growing up, and still now, I have always been fascinated by comics and graphic novels and their way of telling stories. different from both film and novel, I love how comics and graphic novels capture very specific emotions and scenes through the use of a static drawing. The vibrant colours, bold text and the identifiable characters of the iconic comics and graphic novels I grew up on have all helped to inspire the concepts behind my graphic novel Leon. I knew I wanted to create a graphic novel in an urban setting, because it is what is most familiar to me and my surroundings, and keeping an 80s/90s feel to the style of my character also pays homage to the many old comics I have read and helps achieve the vibrant aesthetic I am trying to achieve. I am most comfortable when it comes to traditional illustration/drawing, so many of my illustrations are done prior in my sketchbook, then scanned into photoshop for touching up or as a base layer for a digital piece. I wanted to try and keep a rough, sketchy/painterly feel to the majority of my work, as I feel it best represents me and my style. I wanted to include the majority of my portfolio into this submission as I think it touches on the many different aspects of graphic novel, including both concept and merchandising, all under the umbrella of illustration.

Category: Graphic

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