Kafkaesque Extravaganza


Kafkaesque: having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality. The literary style of Bohemian novelist and short story writer Franz Kafka has been referred to as "Kafkaesque." as his work was so unusual, it needed its own word.  In his piece "The Metamorphosis," he explores the confusion, strange acceptance, and normality that result from a man unexpectedly waking up as a bug. Influenced by Kafka, a phycological, bizarre, and complex event came to mind: The Kafkaesque Extravaganza. Mimicking that of a traditional carnival and circus, Kafka 'Ganza' puts a twist on many of its traditional attractions. My goal was to create an event where attendees would arrive searching for amusement and leave with more than they bargained for, for better or worse.  The extravaganza would incorporate mental challenges and games, and a hint of thrill and horror, to achieve this. I wanted to appeal to a more mature audience given the occasion's already mature themes, as well as a personal bias for commonly finding nothing new to do on a night out with friends.  As a result, "Night Ganza," a second portion of the event reserved for people over 16, features more horrifying, intricate, and mind-bending content. With this night aspect of the brief, I found it fitting to explore the use of light and shadow, enhancing a metaphor-like message of normal and weird, or, normal to weird, like Franz Kafkas ' Metamoephasis' and therefore ' Kafkaesque Extravaganza'.

Category: Graphic

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