Kopurererua Kafe


Across the images presented below, I display my journey towards creating a structure located within the Kopurererua Reserve – located in Judea – that will benefit the community surrounding the reserve. Over the last few months, I have used my limited skills as a year eleven student to create an affordable building that compliments the area through colour palette, cultural heritage, and practical materials. Due to my lack of experience, I searched for inspiration through various famous buildings that caught my eye, choosing the elements I find inspirational. From those elements, I applied my preferred style to find a New Zealand designer who replicated these choices while including characteristics that enhanced the culture of the area. Jazmax was the ‘influential designer’ I found who best suited my style, presenting many incredible designs that assist in creating the building. Next I needed to learn more about the area itself, using the significance of the reserve to further inspire the design. Additionally, I explored the practical elements of the area, for instance the waterside view, or the muddy grounds. From this practical information, along with a map of the area, I selected the site of the building to where it would be best suited. Thirdly, I explored a few of the numerous uses for the site while defining each uses’ needs and benefits. After careful consideration and reasoning found in the pages, I chose to create a cafe. After finding a use, site, and inspiration sources, the next step was to choose the materials and cladding for the building so it would look both aesthetically pleasing and practical in the reserve’s environment. Also, to assist with insulation and structural integrity of the building, I also explored a few options to assist with these needs. Step 5 was to design a floorplan for the building, starting the design from the ground up, before moving on to 3d concepts and designs of the building, making sure to incorporate the practical necessities, the cultural significance, and make use of the influential designer. From these designs, I narrowed the design down to one. This cafe, the Kopurererua Kafe, is easily accessible, practical, aesthetically pleasing, incorporates the area’s cultural significance, and benefits the local area.

Category: Architectural & Product

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