‘Lost Memories’ Graphic Novel – Main Character Design


'Lost Memories' Is a graphic novel I've written which is about Evan Clifton a 15yo (Main character) who awakes in an unfamiliar environment with a head wound. Wondering what happen to him and where he is. Evan than starts exploring his environment.
Because of the storyline, this helps come up with a rough idea what the character should look like. I thought he would be wearing causal clothing as he a teenager. Shown in the generations. Later in the development I started exploring colours for the character. I picked green, blue, red and purple as they felt like they fit his character more. For the final I picked green to match with his little frog friend colour.
Overall the end result of the character's design looks like a young teenager but is not too detailed to be annoying to draw for the graphic novel, but also making sense to the story not wearing something too fancy.

Category: Graphic

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