Meraki: A women empowerment company.


About Meraki
This year for my design board I decided my focus would be on the mistreatment of women. Largely inspired by classics, where women from the ancient world were not seen as intelligent or strong as their male counterparts. Over hundreds of years, we have slowly gained our rights, but even then we still continue to fight against sexism. This is where Meraki comes in, a company inspired by women of the ancient world, who hope to guide and influence young women to be strong like the goddesses from ancient Greece. Meraki is targeted mainly at young women, but as a woman empowerment company it aims to help, inspire, and defend all women.

My Design Process
My design process consisted of using unique ways to empower women and bring light to the centuries of inequality women have faced. I avoided using any colour stereotypically associated with gender, so I used green – a colour often linked with nature. For the symbolism of my works, I did research into symbols of women's empowerment. I found that a circle represents mother earth and female power. So I made sure to incorporate a circle in many of my designs, especially Meraki's logo, to represent the power of women. To catch people's attention and create a unique look for my company I used many artistic styled techniques like paint strokes, drips, and a liquid paint look which regularly appeared in my work. I wanted both a modern artistic look and wanted the theme of ancient women to stay consistent. So I adopted things like typewriting fonts, grey-scale art, and torn brown paper into my art. Marble in the ancient days was a valuable resource, so using a marble patterned style made a simple and meaningful background. Statues from the classical world also heavily influenced my art, they created a perfect balance by using my statue-inspired art to represent women from the ancient world and mixing it with modern artistic techniques. In the end, I wanted my work to display the power of historical women and also a strong sense of women empowerment in a unique and artistic way.

Category: Graphic

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