For this project I decided to create a magazine named Miasmatic. I went through a design process to create a logo, magazine cover and spread, as well as part of a website (non-functional due to NZQA folio requirements). I made my logos in adobe illustrator, and my cover, spread, and website design in adobe photoshop. More details about my design process are contained in the attatched pdf file. I also included a pdf of my folio board (please consider board 1 and 2 both as the main image, I tried to submit them together as one file but it was too big). If needed I can supply the individual designs as files, which might be needed due to some issues I encountered with the resolution of my designs being lowered when I made my slideshow/folio board.

Miasmatic is a kids-oriented life advice magazine themed around emotions, it isn't a serious magazine, covering topics in a practical way that's applicable to tween-teen life, while also containing entertaining but still related articles that answer the kind of questions that always popped into my mind as a kid. The types of questions that a simple google search or the general knowledge of my parents couldn't answer. Some keywords to describe Miasmatic's style would be chaotic, maximal, exciting, colourful, and unique. Miasmatic is targeted towards kids (9-13 y-olds), as it aims to cover topics in an entertaining way to engage the audience and use examples that kids can relate to (games, TV shows, etc).

Colours are very relevant to my magazine, there'd be no one colour scheme in my brand (though I'm using a primary triadic colour scheme for anything where the colours don't have emotional meaning. I.e the website), since colour theory involves using colours to convey emotions they'd vary each issue since I cover lots of emotion-related stuff in each issue, I'd stick to a different colour or two for each issue. For example, my issue on horror and fear would have darker, faded colours, primarily reds. While an issue covering happier topics might feature a bright yellow. I'm not limiting myself to monochrome but it's important to feature colours that help illustrate the broad theme of the issue from afar.

Category: Graphic

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