My brand is called Moemoemorphosis, it is an art school/community center that provides classes and clubs for people of all ages, skill levels, and ambitions (hobby – career). The style I’m going to use for branding is very psychedelic and maximal, to emulate the way the brain visualises things and the infinite possibilities of art. My target audience are those interested in art, since a school should be all inclusive I’m not going to focus on any demographic more specific than that in my branding. To make Moemoemorphosis stand out among other branding, I’ll be using a style different from other commercial branding that’s getting common. My colour scheme is split complementary: Bright, neon pinks and teals, with some darker purples. This is to let me have a full range of darker to lighter colours while reserving black/white for focal points. Other conventions I’ll focus on are patterns & texture, repetition of symbols/iconography, and scale and depth – creating 3d environments with a surreal/psychedelic twist. An important symbol for the brand is the butterfly, it represents growth, beauty, and freedom; it also fits well into the psychedelic style through its symmetry resembling that of a rorschach test, which is linked to the human psyche. I’ve created logos, posters, prospectus covers, websites (landing pages and a scroller), roadside billboards, and folded brochures (inside and outside).

Moemoemorphosis was born out of my pure hatred for corporate design, and my desire to encourage creativity and unique styles, which I want to see more of in the graphic design industry. While graphic design is art with a purpose, it’s still art. Art is all about self expression, giving the world a taste of your unique mindset and point of view, but I find a lot of modern design all looks the same. Through this folio I want to be able to show the world my own style and perspective while still fulfilling a brief and having viable branding.

Category: Graphic

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