Our Company “Nova” is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. We aim to provide environmentally friendly products and goods that are 100% vegan. We firmly believe that adopting a green diet is the cornerstone of thriving, healthy life. Through our company, we aim to communicate to everyone that veganism is a compelling alternative. As part of this mission, we are organizing a vegan food truck festival, inviting everyone to savour the delights and scrumptiousness of embracing a healthy life.

This project had a rough start with no clear vision in mind until I began brainstorming of freshly new ideas, where NOVA was established. The word NOVA gave me the vision of “a new beginning” likewise its Latin word for “New”. Furthermore, Nova, resembles the idea of living a new life, thus aligning with our brand image of giving the society an option to live through a greener and healthier lifetsyle.

The logo process was a bit of a learning curve, I tried a plethora of different styles but It ultimately led to a simple and modern design that captures the essence of our society’s new era. This helps the target audience to feel more connected and associated with the brand.

Initially, Nova was meant to be a vegan supermarket however It would not make sense in reality as many people would not do their groceries there. So a Vegan Food truck festival came to mind, and this would idealistically gain people’s attention to trying a new diet alternative – veganism.

Category: Graphic

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