Plastic is the problem


Commercially, these images could be presented to the public to promote the action of putting plastic in the bin in the form of brochures, posters, digital posts and presentations.

DOC (Department of Conservation) and the Bay of Plenty regional council could be some organisations that would take interest in my photos.

Plastic is obviously a massive issue not only in Tauranga, but world-wide, and so, unfortunately it was not hard to find. These photos were taken in the rock pools of Mount Maunganui, Tauranga Marina and around school, some were set up (with the plastic taken home after) and some were as exactly as I found them, these were taken out of the environment after photos were taken.

Overall, I wanted to covey the message in my photos that plastic not only affects the environment, but the marine life within.

I believe the impact my photos will have on the public will be beneficial as the animals will draw attention and therefore, draw in interest for the topic and hopefully inspire people to pick up rubbish even if it isn't theirs. As DOC states on their website "At times, we like to think of New Zealand as it's seen on most maps: an isolated island nation on the edge of the world, tucked away in the corner and an ocean away from the fray. But sometimes a global problem simply washes up on our shores. The problem is plastic."
This quote would go along nice with any of my photos and further presents the message of keeping plastic out of the ocean.

In conclusion, DOC would be the most likely organisation to take interest in my photos to use promotionally, I hope the message of plastic in the environment affects all creatures within is clear and moving throughout my images.

Category: Photography

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