4.2% of the New Zealand population identify as LGBTQ+, roughly 1 in 20. This means that it is difficult to connect with queer people due to scarcity. Most people are able to feel 'ordinary' within regular life, but queer people must seek for belonging beyond local communities.

The local community I grew up in doesn't celebrate nor acknowledge rainbow diversity. This left me without an outlet to learn more about takatāpui and queer identity. Looking back, this gave me false views on how my individuality was accepted in society. Attending significant pride events or groups may not be an option for some, because of their location, social opportunity or saftey when espessing themselves. As LGBTQ+, It is crucial to connect with similar people as the lack of queer representation isolates and alienates queer communities from the normalities and legalities of heterosexuality.

| Brief:
Quiddity is a digital pride festival that celebrates, connects and educates youth across Aotearoa. Quiddity provides a platform for everyone to access and share stories regarding queer identity, body positivity and self-love. Although Quiddity is active all year round, one day annually is celebrated. Artists and local role models come together to share music, art and stories through the digital platform.

| Target Audience:
Although Quiddity aims to give isolated youth the opportunity to access support and community, it also caters to all generations. Queer people face isolation throughout their entire life, so the community is valuable to anyone.

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