Rubbish in the ocean


I have been approached to design a company that takes the trash out of the waterways and keeps the ocean clean and free. I was told to design this company because the ocean has a lot of rubbish in it and it’s affecting the sea life alot. Marine life is swimming in it or eating it and it’s causing them to die. The company name is called “One Ocean”. One Ocean is based in NYC but so far has been working all around the pacific Ocean. The owners of One Ocean told me to design logos, a zine, business cards, billboards, tote bags and any social media like websites and Instagram accounts. They told me that the colour theme is blue and they want to have some illustrations as well as graphic design. I was also told to put a cold, sad feel on it to make the audience/customers feel sad for sea life and want to help the world but also make them feel happy when they donate or do something helpful like putting their rubbish in the bin. The key idea and message for the company are to show that a little help makes a big difference. The target market is essentially everyone who can help, but companies that use plastic in the ocean like some fish nets and rope are bad for the ocean, so companies that are city officials and representatives like city staff working for the Department of Environment and Greening, Public spaces and Health, Sustainable Development, Climate Change is One Ocean target audience as they can help turn things from plastic to eco friendly.

Category: Graphic

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