the creative process


This being my level 3 photography board, it needed to have a story. So through a lot of contemplation of different concepts, this one seemed to stick. Through myself being so immersed in art, I felt close to what the theme is – the creative process. I am constantly doing some kind of art, and through this, I have grown and moulded what for me is my creative process. I start by looking for inspiration, I then play with an idea, and look for what will be the "final product". through this process I make a mess, I get excited, i isolate myself, I become curious, and I focus on it so much that the world around me becomes irrelevant. so through this board, it is a reflection of this process. within the first board, Amy (the model) is looking for this inspiration, she is exploring possibilities, what will become her muse. This muse becomes the books. there is a yellow light within the establishing shots on the board, this symbolising the birth of this journey, the "light" that goes off in your brain when suddenly inspired and urged to create. as her ideas develop so does this light, as she grows her ideas so does this colour/hue. As the board progresses, so does the relationship between an artist and their muse, they almost become one. She is now stepping into a world of full creativity and immersion into her process. As she gains more ideas you start to see more colour, through the middle there are things we can not see as it is darkness, but as she becomes more and more creative, we see more mess, quirky photoshop manipulations and angles. We see her internal thoughts, outward. Things become more abstract. Through the last board we start to see what this whole process leads to, what the final product is – the art. again she is making a mess, she is studying her muse, the books, the pages, the words. she dissects what she finds worthy and makes something that was once someone else's creative process her own. The final images of this board symbolise this creative process and what I feel like is my own in each thing I create, it is an extension of her, something thought of completely in her brain but bigger than herself. The creative process.

Category: Photography

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