The Divine Feminine


The description behind this series of photos is to show and embody the angelicness of women, I am passionate about fashion and beauty and I aspire to show that through my photos. This particular group of photos are about the pureness of the model and the divine feminine power she holds. When I first decided I wanted Rose to be my model for this shoot I also deeply considered her name, and how I could incorporate that through a certain theme as well as I wanted the photo shoot to be solely about her. Rose's are a very feminine flower. They have a beauty like no other, but the thorns are just as powerful or even more and I think that can also explain the divine feminine theme as she shows softness and purity through her eyes whilst having a sharp and fierce look that draws you in. I also shot in black and white to give the photos quite a raw look as I wanted people to see Rose's natural beauty, to notice the structure and uniqueness of her face and admire it in awe and to not have too many colours distracting from Rose herself. I have also tried to capture her divine feminine energy to portray that natural beauty that everyone desires to see, in other words, goddess imagery. “The existence of the divine feminine suggests that complementary energies exist within each being.”- Emily Torres. I wanted to incorporate this quote into my photos as goddess imagery exists within all of us, but everyone has their own concept of what they perceive it as. The way I see it and how I wanted to show it through these photos may not be what others see it as, but I wanted viewers to see beauty through Rose's eyes and embrace it. I took these photos using a studio and had to carefully think about lighting and the placement of the model and how I wanted the fill lights to accentuate Rose's features. The outfits were extremely well thought out too, as it took a lot of planning and mind-changing to get the final results. I didn't want the clothes to take away the spotlight from Rose herself but to give that extra detail with the sparkling jewellery, funky hats and vests.

Category: Photography

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