The Eternal Sunrise


This task follows the assessments present in the Lvl 2 Design and Illustration courses. The goal being to create a graphic novel with two characters and a book cover with includes front, spine, and back.

My idea for the graphic novel was called “The Eternal Sunrise,” being a twist on a stereotypical princess and knight story, where the princess doesn’t need to be saved by the knight.

The process of designing the character and book cover followed the structure of “generations, development, and final” to explore different ideas. I would test out different colour palettes and many sketches trying to recreate what was in my head. I chose to use Procreate and Photoshop as the software to design everything. The reason being that Procreate is easily transportable on an iPad, meaning I could work on it anywhere. While having access to Photoshop through school allowed me to have more access to more professional tools.

Story synopsis: Three kingdoms lived in harmony, each kingdom having a celestial tie, giving their ruler control over the sun, moon, and stars respectively.
The sun and moon kingdom worked together in harmony, each taking turns in following the day and night cycle. This made the ruler of the star kingdom untrusting of them and their tight alliance, going as far as to think that they would use their power to overthrow her small kingdom. As tensions rose, she threatened to attack the other kingdoms.
The sun queen sent away her young daughter, Princess Aurore, to a hidden tower to keep her safe after hearing the threats. Tragically, the star kingdom sent assassins who killed the sun queen in the dead of night. Unaware of the demise of his trusted ally, the moon king set the moon down for the last time in many years to come. So became the eternal sunrise.
As time passed, problems arose in the kingdoms, plants could not grow properly and subjects of the kingdoms were starving. The only solution to rise the sun was to find the hidden princess as she could rise the sun and save everyone. Rumour has it that she was hidden in a tower by the north star. So the king sent his most accomplished knight, Knight Elara, on the mission of finding the only heir of the queen and escorting her back to the moon kingdom to rise to the sun.

Category: Graphic

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