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I wanted to make a fully animated short film for NCEA Art design, and Sound and Media based around the idea of using your differences and strengths to become something great. I came up with the idea and theme of a little Kiwi who wants nothing more to fly, and tried to fit into a mould and forgot about his strengths. Though at the end of the film he realised he never needed that mould, and he could pave his own path without flying. I want this film to be able to teach children and remind adults that you can be great in your own way, even if it means doing things a different way than the people around you.
(ending that has yet to be finished: A Moa appears behind Tui and Kiwi, exits the cave and runs away. Kiwi is inspired by this, and decided to join his friend through running, instead of flying).
Unfortunately I have not been able to finish this project yet.


Category: Moving Image

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