The Growers Collective Farmers Market


Through my brainstorming process I wanted to create a brand identity for a company that could help and make an impact on real world issues. This led me to the idea of creating a farmers market brand titled “The Growers Collective Farmers Market.” Now more than ever the public want a sustainable option to shop for goods and necessities, and along with the recent devastations in the Napier and Gisbourne regions it became clear there needed to become a better system to distribute local produce and for communities to rally behind small businesses. The company that I have designed through logos, posters, double page spreads, websites and tote bag design aim to communicate a eco-friendly, sustainable and small business run farmers market. Throughout my designs some of the things that I have tried to use organic shapes and lines, a natural colour palette, black and white photos to show the heritage and history of farmers/ growers and businesses that have come together and suitable imagery that represents the company.

Category: Graphic

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