The Journey to Discovery


When I was presented with the opportunity to choose a theme for my last year of High School Photography, I knew that I wanted it to be sentimental to my family and one in which we could look back on in the future. As photography is a big part of my life, it was necessary that whatever I photographed this year, had to be incredibly significant. Eventually, after brainstorming many different approaches, I ended up on the theme of identity.

The theme ‘Identity’ arose after I was informed about my Grandad’s story, whereby he was adopted at a young age. His complicated, yet inspiring life story influenced me to delve deep into our family tree and create a pictorial journey about my Grandad’s adventure to discovering his true identity. After many years, he has now gained clarity and has been piecing together parts of the puzzle.

The portfolio I produced for LVL 3 Photography is the visual representation of different components and stages that occurred during my Grandad’s discovery to a new life. I used deliberate photographic conventions in order to portray meaningful messages within the images. The work that I created this year were more than just images, they were windows into the past, offering glimpses into the moments, places and people that have shaped our lives, which is what made my board so symbolic.

The reason I wanted to share this story through photography is because I felt like there was so much emotion and family history to be explored. My Grandad and I also share a special connection through our shared passion of photography and a love of retro memorabilia. For me to express this personal and sentimental story through the art of photography, it will be significant to my family and I as it will hopefully create a treasured memoir to pass down through the generations. I am proud of the work that I produced and hope that it will make the rest of my family proud too.

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