The Quadrants


‘The Quadrants’ is both a dystopian novel and an animated series, chronicling the journey of KC and Nilak, the dual protagonists, as they navigate a fractured Earth divided into four distinct quadrants, each mirroring a season (Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn). At the heart of these quadrants lies the Equinoxa, a fenced-off perilous zone where every half an hour witnesses an intense weather rotation, featuring blizzards, droughts, storms, and more. KC and Nilak must survive the harsh environment of the Equinoxia and escape.

I wanted the visual portrayal of KC and Nilak to resonate with the unique characteristics of their respective quadrants. Nilak hails from the Winter quadrant, so I drew her with fur-lined clothing and sleek white hair, employing a cooler color palette. Additionally, she wears a cloth wrap torso cover, a strategic choice enabling her to adapt to the diverse weather conditions in the Equinoxia. On the other hand, KC originates from the perilous Autumn quadrant, renowned for its limited resources. So, I designed KC’s outfit around the idea of multifunctionality, equipped with zips and clips reminiscent of techwear, facilitating the collection and transportation of essential items in this resource-scarce environment.

The target audience for this series is teens/young adults.

Category: Graphic

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