The Runaways


‘The Runaways’ is a Graphic Novel I have developed for my Portfolio Board for Level 2 Design 2022. My graphic novel is generally aimed towards older children and teens and a gender neutral audience. Brief: “There are huge facilities and institutions where humans are raised. Every facility has the power to use their own rules and will not suffer any legal repercussions. The main character is living in the worst institution on earth. In this institution, the leaders are experimenting to make “The Perfect Human”. The children are not treated as humans. The main character is fed up with the constant experiments and escapes successfully. They escape to the forest and wind up scared and alone until another human finds them. He introduces himself as Shiloh and invites them to stay with him. They are introduced to Rena, a girl living in a cave with Shiloh, and they find out that all three of them are escapees. The main character gets named Aziza by Rena as they had no name beforehand. They all spend time together, helping Aziza adjust to living in the forest. One day while Rena and Aziza are foraging, Rena injures herself. Because of this she cannot move around otherwise she will worsen her injury and has to rest. This causes a lot of uncertainty and disruptions for the three.” I have included my character, settings, page layout, logos and book cover concepts and final designs to show my range of work I have done for my graphic novel.

Category: Graphic

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