The tourism industry was devastated by Coronavirus and worldwide travel restrictions. People were forced to stay home and lost the ability to explore other locations and experience different cultures. We are a startup providing an online platform that allows people to travel and connect digitally with people around the world through an immersive virtual reality experience. Our challenge is to develop well-crafted travel experiences, capture Mauao's breathtaking scenery and local culture, and convince people to embrace digital travel.

As an international student, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time with my
father, who lives in China. I only saw him once or twice a year when he visited us. However,
he could not come for two and half years due to the border closure in the wake
of the pandemic. It was difficult for our family, but we were still able to catch up online,
thanks to the invention of video call technologies. This experience inspired me to
combine the concept of video calls and travel, creating a platform allowing people to
connect and learn/experience foreign cultures.

My brand, Triplink, is a virtual travel company aiming to provide real-life travel experiences. The target audience is anyone who cannot travel, whether due to the high costs, health, politics, or simply wants to check out a location before going there (like "try before you buy"). Because my target audience encompasses a wide demographic, the branding needs to feature simple graphics so it can be understood by people from different languages/cultural backgrounds. This can be achieved by using basic shapes to create illustrations.

Category: Graphic

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