Will o Whispers


“Will o Whispers” is a Graphic Novel/Video Game I have developed for my Portfolio Board for Level 3 Design 2023. Will o Whispers is generally aimed towards teens and a gender neutral audience.
The story focuses on Dolian, a spirit medium/exorcist as he tries to find the serial killer who killed his brother and Bee, a ghost whose life was taken by the same serial killer wanting closure. Because Dolian is a spirit medium, he communicates with the victims of the murderer for clues while putting their spirits to rest. The illustrations would be more simple/cute as the story would have a lighthearted feel despite the overarching story. The game would have an overall theme of valuing life no matter your circumstances.
The brief is as follows: The murder of his brother leaves Dolian in shock, in depression, and most importantly, on a warpath. This scorned brother has no choice but to solve the mystery of who killed his most treasured person, but alas, hope seems lost as the trail grows cold. For the police, that is.
Dolian, coming from a long line of spirit mediums, has a trick up his sleeve. Ghosts, left behind by the unfinished wishes of the once living, walk the earth, and Dolian is one of the few that communicate with them. Luckily for this spirit talker, the person who killed his brother just couldn’t help themself and left a trail of perfect crumbs for the boy to follow. If only one particular crumb didn’t insist so heavily on following him and helping him.
I have included development and final designs for characters, settings, logos, page layouts, front covers, keychains, game visuals and plushies to show the range of work I have done.

Category: Graphic

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